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Tom Sawyer
I have no idea where this mp3 came from anymore but according to this fansite it is genuine.

Rush - Tom Sawyer remix (18:16 minutes, 16,7 MB).

It's a big download and probably only of interest to my good friend Harold (yet another Harold, we're getting ready to take over the world!) but there you go.

[update: somewhat later]
Speaking of big-ass mp3 files of a Symphonic Rock nature: here's the mp3 file of Saga's chapters medley, live in Mainz (20:35 minutes, 18,8 MB). For those not aware of Saga they have this Chapters thing going on for almost 20 years now, every album adds a chapter or two (often non-sequentially) to a big science fiction story, this recording is from a live show in 2001 in Mainz Germany. It used to be on the web but it has since disappeared, so here it is until I get hijacked by RIAA ninjas.)

[The Rush link will self-destruct in a couple of days, because of these same RIAA ninja turtles.]

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