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Newsscript 1.1.8 still imminent
Version 1.1.8 of my newsscript is still under development but the good news is that all known outstanding bugs have been squashed. Even better is that some other bugs were also eliminated because I suddenly noticed them.

If you're reading this through an aggregator you will notice that the comments feed now includes the names of the posters and that the regular feed now shows how many comments on a particular item there are. And yes, this means that once again all items will be marked unread, sorry about that.

I have removed the "feature" whereby expired or not yet available items were (still) available through their permanent link. I'm unsure what to do with the comments on these items though. For the moment these are still available (because it fits my needs better, but mostly because it is a lot less coding) but if anyone has a pressing reason why they shouldn't be shown let me know.

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