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NewsScript Version 1.1.8 imminent
In preparation for the imminent release of version 1.1.8 of this here newsscript I've updated my own site's engine to test it out more fully before unleashing it upon the masses.

Here are the most important changes:
  • Permanent links are now of the form index.php?article=n, without the action=list part (provides easier to read url's and will hopefully be easier for search engines to index).
    As a consequence all the iems you've previously read on this site may be marked as unread in your aggregator, sorry about that.
  • ?action=topic now lists the topics alphabetically instead of the order in which they were entered when you added the topics.
  • Comments are now listed chronologically (oldest first) to ease discussion/reading.
  • Enhancements to the code of the commentsystem (border around preview and much less scrolling when previewing, adding and editing comments).

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