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The Little Book of Calm
I just got my most recent order from Amazon (via the neighbour who took the delivery while I was at work). It includes The Little Book of Calm, which I bought because of the reference in the first episode of Black Books.

It's the end of the educational year and loads and loads of stuff has to be done just before the holidays start. This is not unusual. However this year is exceptionally busy because we are implementing a new library catalogue and things aren't running smoothly. At all. To top this all of a co-worker is in the final year of her part-time art studies and has been neglecting her work so all kinds of stuff is getting late and people have to step in to save the day.

So the point of The Little Book of Calm is that you open it up at random and read a small bit of advice. Here's the first that came up.

Play a calm role
Pretend you are calm: adopt the characteristics of a calm person, pretend that others see you as a calm person, and in no time you'll be a calm person.

I could have used this advice today.

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