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Today's the eurovision song contest (for american readers this is a contest between european counties where each tries to excel at writing the poppiest catchiest crappiest song imaginable).
As the voting is going at the moment the Dutch are doing quite badly (as usual) and while zapping around because I didn't want to watch this farce I came across the BBC. The UK are doing quite badly in the scoring and while the Dutch commentry was mostly regretful the british commentary is highy sarcastic, and therefore immensly fun.

While I haven't seen the songs you've got to love comments like "So it's between the leatherboys and the pretty girls", "what next, neighbours voting for neighbours", "I don't know why we bother", "what a fool, oh, he's given us a couple of points, he's not too bad".

Oooooh, after a comment from a countries' votereader saying she liked the presenter's dress: "yeah, I like the way you're falling out of it." (Alas, no picture, the microsoft streaming video won't load on a Mac.)

[Update: the Ukraine has just won.]
"Alpenhorns. Boots. Leather. Whips. A winning combination."
"Digital viewers can continue watching. God help us. [...] Insane music."

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