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Newsscript update
Version 1.1.4 of my newsscript (you're looking at it now) is in beta right now. Grab it here:

Here's the changes since version 1.1.2 (the release version):

Version 1.1.4
- Squashed a few bugs when register globals was off.
- Squashed bug where there was a conflict between the latest headlines and/or latest comments and the main script, if the latest ... was put in the layout before the main script.
- Added tooltips to the admin form elements for adding and updating items (using localised title attributes).
- Fixed some annoying problems with slashes in the comments and the admin module.
- Added a link to show all topics in an installation.
- Added general enhancements to allow for better customisition with CSS.
- Added bbCode for abbreviations: HTML.
- bbCode can be used in comments as well, though there is no interface (like in the admin script) for doing so (as of yet).
- Added a passwordfield to comments so people can edit their own comments, also added a cookie for admin users so they can edit ALL comments.

Version 1.1.3 (previous beta)
- Added a comment option.
- Added an RSS feed for the latest comments (the script defaults to showing the last 10 items, overrule in rss_comments.php, line 12 or on a case-by-case basis:, where n is an arbitrary number).
- New lay-out.
- Topic system introduced.
- You can now only show certain topics in your feed: call the rss feed like so:, where x is the topic of choice (you can still add a certain number of items to show by appending the following: &rss_limit=n).

- Install script added for those without phpMyAdmin or commandline access.

I'd be grateful if people would test it and see if there are any showstoppers in here. As always you can mail me your comments or use the commentssystem that comes with this post.


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