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Unscrupulous Bastards
> Att: Harold Bakker
> Codetransit is about to go through a very major upgrade, we're implementing
> a new backend that we've been working on for months. The new backend will
> make the most advanced script portal online.
> This means we will no longer be using our current backend, so we're
> offering you a copy of our current backend for 199.00 USD.
> [...]
> We can also provide a copy of our database for an
> additional $300, this means you could have a fully commercialized script
> portal without lifting a finger.
> If you're interested please let me know.
> [...]
> --
> If you wish to not receive email regarding codetransit please login to your
> account and change your email address to
> username: Harold
> password: kakap0p0

So let me see,

these guys are offering me the option of buying their backend which doesn't encrypt passwords (which I've just changed by the way, so no use trying it) and are offering any fool out there their entire database? Guess who just got an e-mail asking to remove all my details from their database?

I got the following e-mail regarding the sale of codetransit and my request for removal:

> FYI we won't be selling the contact information

> Just the listings

> Regardless your listings will be removed within the hour.

My details have since been removed.

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