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Dreamweaver extensions and MX2004
Working in education has it's perks.
I've just received Macromedia Studio 2004 (bought for a shockingly low price), installed it and moved over the extensions I had installed on MX. I've updated my extensions page with some information, though I still have some testing to do. A while ago I received a bugreport for the Dutch Date extension, I've since heard that the problem resolved itself and can now confirm that the extension works perfectly.

Here's a shocking thing I've noticed so far: Dreamweaver MX2004 on Mac now also defaults to writing new HTML files with the .htm extension instead of .html. I've updated the Sane Document Types extension so both Mac and Windows users can join the century of the fruitbat and leave the olden days of DOS behind.

On a more annoying note it seems that although Macromedia has speeded up MX2004 quite a bit the Mac version still limits filenames to 26 characters. Even MORE annoying is the fact that the insert bar no longer has an option to be displayed vertically and is always displayed horizontally, meaning wasted space as my monitor has the irritating habit of being wider than it is tall. I can already tell this going to be a pain on my laptop.

On a more pleasant note though I now have the entire Studio bundle meaning if I ever receive a Fireworks file again I can actually open it up instead of getting back to the designers grumbling that my trial has expired and that all other designers I work with use Photoshop like the professionals they are (bring on the flames).

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