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Interesting. Yesterday I was thinking about creating a script that would create an RSS feed for a newsgroup.
Today I came across nntp2rss - access usenet newsgroups via RSS. (Found via Library Stuff.)

There are a few issues with this script though (at least on my setup).
The script assumes a few things that it shouldn't. It assumes that short_open_tag = On and that register_globals = On in php.ini.
nntp2rss.php has a short open tag (which my setup prohibits), add php after the opening <? to make sure it works on your system.

As for the register globals thingy, add the following to the top of nntp2rss.php:
$googleLinks = $_REQUEST['googleLinks'];
$googleThreaded = $_REQUEST['googleThreaded'];
$server = $_REQUEST['server'];
$group = $_REQUEST['group'];
$articles = $_REQUEST['articles'];

After making these changes and editing the settings for my provider's newsserver the script works flawlessly, though I'm not sure how useful it will be for high-volume newsgroups.

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