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Lunatics without skateboards
One of the cool things about having a new iBook is that it comes with some pretty cool software. There's Ambrosia Games' Deimos Rising (which I suck at, so far, but I'm getting better), Sound Studio and some game called Tony Hawk ProSkater whatever.

I dislike skating and playing this game for a few hours has left me indifferent to it and its numerous objectives which can only be done by some impossible keycombinations that will leave your fingers twisted out of their joints. Well, kinda indifferent. See, I had this old demotape lying around from way back when (1988 to be precise) and it's by a band called Lunatics Without Skateboards, who no-one has ever heard of since. The titletrack is about their dislike for the "sport". So I ripped out the old tape, plugged it into the tapedeck, started up Sound Studio and ripped the demo to mp3.

If you dislike skating and do like speedy hardcore thrash you might want to check it out near the bottom of the following:

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