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Many visitors left confused
I know it's not much compared to some sites but I'm still oddly proud of 200.000 visitors in slightly more than 10 years on this here homestead.

Number of hits since 10/02/2001: 200000

I will treat myself to a banana tonight.

Woops, the server that hosts this website has moved and it appears that several newsitems have disappeared. I was able to restore these but any comments posted on the affected items are lost.


Hot lesbian action!
Hands up who likes watching lesbians.

A while ago my good friends and OOOk Default: partners alerted me to the fact that I still had two photoshoots of banana strippers that I hadn't posted despite having had the pictures for ages. This is a crying shame as we went to so much trouble to observe all natural strippers in action!

Without further ado I present you with the first one, an exclusive look into the sexual life of 2 gorgeous lesbians.

Warning: this photoshoot may not be safe for work (depending on where you work and how sensitive your coworkers are).

Angel & ZoŽ

ZoŽ is the one with a tattoo by the way.

omg, there are more Candy Diamonds!
Oh my god, I'm suddenly getting a lot of hits for the search term "Candy Diamond" and I was wondering why. Well, let me tell you the 3rd search result in Google is decidedly not safe for work.

BBW Lover's Specializing in Female Exotic Dancing Cartering To all Dreams.

Nope, I don't know what cartering is either :).

BBW means Big Beautiful Woman by the way. I had to look that up. I lead a sheltered life.
Here's our take on Candy.

Slight change to the comment moderation
If you are using a password when entering a comment and one of your previous comments using that password* has been approved your comment will appear immediately it will not be held back for moderation. This should increase your experience in all thing in life, so rejoice!

*) Passwords are stored encrypted in the database for your safety.

open letter to commentspammers
Dear mr or ms \d{3}[a-z]{7} (yes, this includes you mr. 519kwfjhhz), a while ago I implemented comments moderation.

I have to approve each and every comment made here and I am not going to approve your porn endorsements or your casino promotions. I realize you really feel deeply about this as you seem fit to post about a dozen times each day but I really don't think I'm interested.

And please, get new parents, I don't think i would ever want to see mine again if they'd given me such a weird name.

Comments moderated
Comments are now moderated, which means I'll have to approve each and every one of them before they get posted on the site or on the RSS feed.

I'm sorry to have to do this but it's becoming a royal pain in the ass to keep deleting them, at least this way I know the site isn't used for linkspammage.

I may have some work to do on notifying myself when a new comment is added so legitimate comments don't take too long to appear but for now this seems to be the best solution as the site isn't updated that often and legitimate comments are therefore few and far between.

<resume lurkmode>

Comment Spam
Looks like the comment spammers have found out how to cheat my homebaked system. It was bound to happen sooner or later and I'm a bit surprised it lasted this long. I'll monitor the situation and if needed disable comments altogether for a while while I think if it's worth it to implement some kind of blacklist/whitelist/keyword filtering system thingy.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Referrers are fun.

Apparently I'm one of the 2000 industry leaders on computers. Actually I'm number 806 on this list:

I've got to think of something computery to write to prove this one of these days :).

Site is back
As you may have noticed the website was pretty much fucked up today. My hosting provider moved my site to a new system and changed a couple of thing. They duly notified me of this but I forgot it was happening so soon.

I can only blame the usual hecticness at work just before the summer holidays.

Everything should be running smoothly again now.

Banana Strippers: Candy Diamond
We from the OOOk Default: team have uncovered further evidence of the abuse of innocent bananas in strip clubs and the adult entertainment industry.

With great danger to our own personal mental well-being we have obtained covert photographs of one "Candy Diamond", appearing at a strip club where she is ogled by all kinds of males of a particularly unsavoury kind!

Viewers are advised to use discretion in viewing these explicit images of Candy Diamond.

Don't want to click through 28 photo's? See the movie.
Small (1,1 MB) || Big (4.4 MB, with audio).

New RSS feed creator
Last week my good friend Jurjan asked if and why I didn't have an RSS feed yet.

Well, I do have one and it's a pretty nifty contraption to boot, seeing as one can not only select the amount of articles to show but also create a feed especially for a specific topic. (For those interested in only my Ramblings for example and who couldn't care less about my posts on metal.)

What was lacking was the ability to create a customised feed on the fly without resorting to reading the documentation on my newsscript or plain guesswork.

Here's the link to the feed creator.

It's normally hidden (quite cunningly) behind the orange XML button where everyone and his kitten hides their feeds.

To celebrate here's The AccŁsed's Two Hours Till Sunrise which is probably starting to annoy my neighbours right now.

More happyness
My site is number two when you search for Happyness in Wisenut.

This is jolly news, though I realise now that happyness is spelled differently.

Small siteupdate
I have updated the site a bit to test the newest version of my newsscript.
You can now edit your comments if you have set a password on them.

If things suddenly break on you please send me
an e-mail describing what you did and tell me to fix it.

Small changes
Those of you subscribed to the RSS feed will notice that a lot of older articles appear to be updated but don't offer anything new. This is due to a small internal change in my publishingsystem so I can now track all outgoing links. Please ignore this oddity.

Happy happy joy joy
As promised the homepage has been updated for compatibility with Firebird and Opera. Let me know if you are still experiencing erratic horizontal scrolling issues.

I'll write a piece about Dreamweaver's awesome optional regions soon as a lot of issues that previously required multiple templates can now be dealt with in just one file.

clicky clicky
The links page has finally been updated.

Stuff has been moved about, deleted and added.
Find out if you're (still) on it and if not, complain.

Enhanced search
I have enhanced the sitesearch today with an extra option to search only the articles that have appeared on the frontpage. (See the search form at the top of this page.)

It should be fairly self-explanatory really. So if you came here from Google or somesuch and can't find what you're looking for try to search only the frontpage articles by checking the box.

By the way: to the person searching for "cron redirect to prevent mail messages":
you're looking for exec "command" >& /dev/null

To the person looking for "libwww perl cpan os x panther":
your answer is more complicated. If you're having trouble installing via perl -MCPAN -e shell start here: Linkchecking in OS X. I prefer to just do everything manually, but you could try CPAN with sudo.

As a sidenote: if you're having trouble with DBD::mysql read this hint on OS X Hints, it helped me out.

Creative Commons Licence
I have finally decided upon fair licence terms for my downloadable goodies like the Dreamweaver extensions and the PHP scripts, codesnippets and what have you.
I'll be using the Creative Commons' Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 1.0 licence which basically allows you to:
- copy, distribute, display, and perform the work
- make derivative works (non commercial use only).

This licence is also valid for the design of this site.

To celebrate I've also placed all the text on this website under another licence: the Attribution-NoDerivs-NonCommercial 1.0, which basically allows you to:
- copy, distribute, display, and perform the work (but not to create derivative works).

You can marvel at the complete copyright statement here: with links to the human and lawyer readable versions and a nifty icon.

I'm hoping to get the Quicktime movies on this site under the second licence too but will need permission from the other authors before that can happen.

I've updated the site quite a bit today in an effort to finalize the blogscript I'm writing.
Since I made the decision to step into the wonderful world of XHTML for it's output I also had to redesign the site to XHTML :)

Feel free to test out the comment system and don't worry if things are a bit wonky today, all code should be cleaned up tomorrow.

The blogscript will take a bit longer but should be ready for download in the next few weeks (before the end of august certainly).

Just a small update to let you all know I'm very busy with work right now so not much time to write a new article*. I'm trying to convince the central webteam of the college I work for that writing valid HTML that works in all browsers in all platfoms is A Good Thing™ and really not that hard. The website is a shambles right now, (glitches everywhere at best and non-functional crap at worst in ALL Mac browsers) simply because they can't or won't employ people with some common sense. It's an uphill struggle, someone has apparantly convinced them that ignoring 5% of your audience is a legitimate practice for a government funded institution. Don't even get me started on the crap they're trying to pull with Flash and JavaScript. Someone should be shot because of that.

*) I did find the time to hack in a small nicity (is that a word?) in the homepage though. I've changed the title so it will tell you how many times you've visited, just try a reload or two with cookies enabled. Enjoy!

Search Better
I have made some small changes to the navigationbar at the left to better reflect what's on this site and what most people are looking for. I've also tweaked the code a bit to improve readability and to make the searchresults better. I now exclude the navigation bar from indexing. I use Atomz and to exclude parts of a page you have to wrap it in "noindex" tages. Noindex isn't valid HTML so I just use PHP to put the tag in there when Atomz visits, here's the start, you can figure out the closing section yourself I think:

if ($HTTP_USER_AGENT == "Atomz/1.0")
  echo "<noindex>";// navbar excluded

The benefit of this method is that I maintain valid HTML as much as possible and by excluding the navigationbar from indexing the search results are much more focused. Previously when searching for "extensions" you would find every page on this site as the word was there on all the pages in the navbar, now you'll only find the pages that are about dreamweaver extensions. Much better.

  Why does Atomz require invalid HTML? Why not use something like:
  <!-- exclude from index --> Stuff here <!-- /exclude from index -->

Upcoming changes
A small note to say that I'm busy updating the links in the VJ Tools and general links sections. Some of them have been broken for a while but I've lacked the time to track down the new urls.
I'll have a long summer vacation in a couple of days (working in education has its perks) and after a long weekendtrip to London I'll get to it.
I also hope to get to work on some updated Dreamweaver MX compatible extensions and, who knows, I might even release some of the PHP scripts I've been working on.

But then, I still have to finish painting my house which I was supposed to do on my summer vacation last year. I wonder what will get priority :)

Site updated
I've redesigned the site completely in honor of it's new home. I hope that with the new design things will be easier to find and I know for a fact that everything will load much quicker.
If you find any bugs like broken links etc. please mail me so I can fix it asap.

Did some behind the scenes work to clear up some code. Deleted the messageboard as no one has used it for over four months. If you spot any problems navigation wise please let me know.

Added a sherlock plug-in for Mac-enabled visitors wishing to search our site from the privacy of their own home.
Simply download it, unstuff and drop the expanded plug-in (it has a barcodelike icon) onto the systemfolder. The finder will place it where it belongs.
Also a new extension called FormMail Helper which helps in adding hidden form elements for use with FormMail from Matt's Script Archive.

Added a new messageboard. Much more in the way of features and such. I have set up seperate topics for the main sections of the site. Take it for a spin so I can see how it works.
Did some work behind the scenes to improve the usability of the site, like the search results. If anyone knows of a good website synchroniser for Macintosh please let me know.
Oh, and some of the extensions for Dreamweaver were updated. Check 'em out. I know it's what you really came here for... Enjoy!

Woooooo, added a searchengine.
Take it for a spin, knock yourself out.
Also added the banana-homage pages.

Statistics. Gotta love them when they show cool information. It is now two months since the first extension got posted at the Macromedia exchange and in that time we have had just under a thousand visitors. We have also counted more than 2328 downloads of the various extensions for Dreamweaver. That is the combined total for all extensions, both featured at the exchange and at this site.
The sad news is that almost no-one seems to visit any other part of this site. Like the most excellent vj section or the samples therein. Also you can add to this site by way of the messageboard. Tell us what's on your mind.

Lots and lots of stuff got updated this week. We now have the Central Grinder area up (just click), there are four new quicktime movies and we also have a messageboard, so feel free to wander about a bit. For a complete listing of what's new and where to find it take a look at the history page.

Even older news
Welcome to the new and improved pages of OOOk Default:

We hope that switching the layout will allow us to update the content more frequently. The new pages aren't quite finished yet but you can browse around and rest assured that updates will be frequent.

We will also be bringing you new movies out of our vast reservoir every two months, so bookmark now.

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