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Bye bye Macromedia
Everyone who's connected to the internets is probably already aware of the fact that Adobe wants to buy Macromedia.

Instead of rehashing the news here I'll just point you over to Kottke's site for a roundup of the most important pieces.

The way I see it this could be a really good thing. In my mind Dreamweaver is simply the best visual webauthoring tool available, while GoLive is simply not worth mentioning. I know some designer friends are really enamoured by it, but to me it's clunky and produces horrible code.
(Regulars around here probably know I do most of my work in BBEdit these days but I still support a lot of sites that are maintained by others, who don't dream in HTML like I do, so they all use Dreamweaver for that.)
But, to get back to the plot, like I said this could be a good thing. I would expect Adobe to build on the Dreamweaver brand and either ditch GoLive or remarket it as a toy an entry-level webdesign app for graphic designers that build a site once or twice a year. Dreamweaver will still be the dominant platform for full-time webdevelopers.
One can only hope that Adobe does a better job of it's community support then Macromedia has done in recent years. When Dreamweaver 3 was released, with it's groundbreaking extensibility API, developer support at Macromedia was superb. However with the release of MX and later MX 2004 developer support dropped to an all-time low. Even basic support for a Dreamweaver extension often took many many weeks of back and forth emails, often with contradictory information being passed along. To top it all off Macromedia redesigned it's extension exchange so badly that it proved easier for me to remove my extensions than to actually search or download some.

As for what happens to Flash, I don't really care all that much, I fear Adobe will somehow integrate Flash and PDF so that we'll get to enjoy annoying banners and flashing things in PDF documents, which will take even longer to load. Time will tell.

When automation goes bad
Haha, my Dutch Date extension for Dreamweaver is posted as one of the listings in this web-guide on sex. Just goes to show that spidering software isn't to be relied upon too much :)

Dreamweaver extensions and MX2004
Working in education has it's perks.
I've just received Macromedia Studio 2004 (bought for a shockingly low price), installed it and moved over the extensions I had installed on MX. I've updated my extensions page with some information, though I still have some testing to do. A while ago I received a bugreport for the Dutch Date extension, I've since heard that the problem resolved itself and can now confirm that the extension works perfectly.

Here's a shocking thing I've noticed so far: Dreamweaver MX2004 on Mac now also defaults to writing new HTML files with the .htm extension instead of .html. I've updated the Sane Document Types extension so both Mac and Windows users can join the century of the fruitbat and leave the olden days of DOS behind.

On a more annoying note it seems that although Macromedia has speeded up MX2004 quite a bit the Mac version still limits filenames to 26 characters. Even MORE annoying is the fact that the insert bar no longer has an option to be displayed vertically and is always displayed horizontally, meaning wasted space as my monitor has the irritating habit of being wider than it is tall. I can already tell this going to be a pain on my laptop.

On a more pleasant note though I now have the entire Studio bundle meaning if I ever receive a Fireworks file again I can actually open it up instead of getting back to the designers grumbling that my trial has expired and that all other designers I work with use Photoshop like the professionals they are (bring on the flames).

Dutch Date
I have gotten a bugreport about the Dutch Date extension in Dreamweaver MX 2004. The command fails quite spectacularly when installed.

I have asked the person who submitted the bugreport for the original DW MX 2004 commands and I have translated them to Dutch, but I can't run the commands themselves under plain old MX. I hope to have some feedback pretty soon so I can release a new version for all you MX 2004 people out there.

In the meantime if anyone is willing to betatest please give me a shout.

I realise, by the way, that this post will probably get me even more searchers who are looking for a Dutch Date. Get over it people, this is the century of the fruitbat, whoever is the most solvent pays (especially if that's not you).

Default HTML file extension on Windows
For some reason Macromedia ships the PC version of Dreamweaver MX configured to create HTML files with the extension as .htm instead of the more universal .html. Mac users aren't affected by this, their version already writes new HTML files with the .html extension.

I have written a small extension that patches this behaviour after a colleague at work complained about this: Sane Document Types.

I'm not sure how other versions of Dreamweaver behave as I no longer have installs of these to play around with.

Extensions deleted from
Today I did what I've been meaning to do for quite a few weeks now.

I deleted all my Dreamweaver extensions from the Macromedia Exchange site in protest of the horrendous monster that (and especially the exchange site) has become - I'd link to it were it not for the fact that I'd have to look up the URL and this has already crashed my browser once (taking with it an earlier version of this here newsitem). Seldom have I seen a site that is so slow, counter-intuitive and that just doesn't work reliably.

As I've noted before recently my faculty upgraded all it's pc's to Windows XP so everyone got a new user profile and all application settings (including installed Dreamweaver extensions) were lost.
After spending literally hours trying to get the site to recognise the fact I had indeed installed the latest and the greatest flash version and had enabled cookies and stuff I finally gave up on the site, not a single extension downloaded.

Via a complicated process I managed to transport the extensions installed on my home machine to my windows machine at work.

Today I had reason to visit the macromedia site again trying to learn about the newly announced MX 2004 productline. After some browsing I got to the exchange site again and lo and behold: after 10 minutes the site had loaded and I was actually able to view some extensions' details. Downloading was a different matter (I managed one eventually). In frustration I decided to delete all my extensions there and then. On the spot. Amazingly this worked a lot better than expected, deleting all 7 extensions and about 12 older archived versions just took me a minute or 5.

So there you have it: Macromedia's exchange is dead as far as I'm concerned. All my extensions will now only be available here on this site.

Small updates to Doctype and Set Image Title
After an e-mail enquiry I have updated the Doctype extension for Dreamweaver. New: the extension now writes the current DTD uri's instead of the working drafts they were linking to earlier.
I have also added the XHTML 1.1 Doctype.
Please read Note 2 on the downloadpage if you are considering switching your Doctypes to XHTML.

In a fit of productivity I have also updated the Set Image Title extension. It was sometimes throwing up error dialogs when the commands menu was opened and no image was selected. This shouldn't happen anymore now.

Go to the extensions page.

Dreamweaver Extension news and siterip
It's always cool when people say nice things about you behind your back.
Recently I saw some new refferrers in my sitestatistics and when I checked them out I found that even though I hadn't updated a Dreamweaver extension in a while people were still using them and telling each other about them.
Cool, so to say thanks I've updated Set Image Title for Dreamweaver MX compatibility.

Who has been saying what:

On a completely unrelated note I found out that someone in Thailand has ripped of my site without even asking for permission and stupidly leaving all kinds of links and even my copyright notice in place:
So here's the deal: if you like the design of this page you may copy it. I only ask that somewhere on an easily available page you link to my site saying something like:

Page design by Harold Bakker:

You must also mail me the url of your site so I can marvel at it. Please note that if you destroy the lay-out or use a crappy editor that breaks the page I WILL tell you about it.

Last but not least if you feel the need to pay me you can show your appreciation by getting me something from my Amazon Wishlist.

Abbreviation and Acronym
Well now,

more than five months after I began the submission process the latest version of the Abbreviation and Acronym suite is finally online at the Macromedia Exchange. In the end I retracted my request for Macromedia Approval because every time a new "issue" would crop up that prevented approval. Every time "one last issue" had to be resolved and after five months and numerous revisions I got sick of this. The extension is now online with Basic Approval, though the exact same version has been online here for over a month. Pat yourself on the back if you already got it here and remember, stuff wil always be here first, now you know why.

Comment Suite
The Comment Suite extension is finally ready for Dreamweaver MX. There are no new features but if you are still running Dreamweaver 4 and wish to keep up to date please remove your earlier version prior to installing the new one as the name has changed from "Comment Suite DW4" to "Comment Suite".
There is also still a Dreamweaver 3 version available, which won't be updated (ever).
Enjoy, and as ever, if you have any questions or suggestions feel free to contact me using the Mail link under any page.

Abbreviation and Acronym
Updated the Abbreviation and Acronym extension to version 1.1.7.
I introduced a stupid bug in the error checking which led to problems when the extension was run in Dreamweaver 4.
This issue is now fixed, happy downloading.

Dreamweaver extensions
It might have taken some time but some of my Dreamweaver extenions are now ready for Dreamweaver MX.
I'm still working on some though. Hang in there.

Dreamweaver MX
Well Macromedia has finally made a trial of the new Dreamweaver MX available. I've been testing my extensions and despite some work that has to be done it's looking quite good. I expect to update all extensions in the next week or so, though it might take a little time. Please bear wih me and visit again soon. If you want to receive an email when the new extensions are up please drop a note via the contact form.

The mysterious OOOk Default: fun-app™ for Mac OS X is coming along nicely too. We are currently working on some website and webdatabase integration and the wait will be worth it we hope. If you want to sign up for an upcoming beta and a sneak peek please do not hesitate, we guarantee you will receive the finished product for free (not that anyone else will pay anything, mind you)!

Abbreviation and Acronym
Updated the Abbreviation and Acronym extension after a tip from Ken Husveg. The extension now writes lowercase tags as per W3C recommendation and fixes an issue that some people had when the space between the newly added tag and the next word was removed. This extension is not yet available at the Macromedia Exchange so be sure to get it here first.

Updated the Doctype Inserter Extension to version 2.0. New in this version: simplified interface, XHTML 1.0 doctypes added. Not yet available on the Macromedia Exchange, as a valued visitor you can get it here first. Go to the extensions.

During the summer holidays I made a custom extension for the people at for use with their online Content Management System iEdit. If you want a custom extension for yourself or your company feel free to contact me, perhaps we can work something out.

ht://Dig Metatags
Added a new extension: ht://Dig MetaTag Generator for use with the search engine ht://Dig. Full documentation provided.

Set Image Title
Added a new extension called Set Image title.
Also updated lots of Dreamweaver extensions during the easter holidays. Go see what's new.

Dreamweaver extensions
We have counted more than 9492 downloads of the various extensions for Dreamweaver. That is the combined total for all extensions, both featured at the Macromedia exchange and at this site.

Dreamweaver extensions
Hey now, welcome to all you Dreamweaver extension visitors. For your convenience I have moved the Dreamweaver extensions to a separate page. Please note that not all extensions have been submitted to the Exchange yet but consider this an extra bonus for all those who visit us.
Be sure to check out Comment Suite, of which I'm really proud. It's a suite containing two commands: Comment Selection and Decomment. Comment Selection will make a comment out any selection, great for if you want to temporarily hide that image, table, piece of text or whatever. Decomment will do the reverse. Enjoy!

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