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Linkrelationship inserter

Linkrelationship inserter (DreamweverMX ready)
For Dreamweaver 3 and above. ExtensionsManager necessary.
Download it first!!

Inserts linkrelations into your document. Cool if you're an iCab user like me who likes instant access to the search page and the siteindex. From the readme: Linkrelations are a means to improve the navigation on a web page.
By putting them into the head of an HTML document a visitor can easily find for instance a searchpage, the copyright disclaimer or contact the author of a webpage.
Not all browsers do anything with Linkrelations but they are a part of HTML standards. By applying them now you'll have a headstart.
There are lots of linkrelations, this extension includes the most common ones.

Current version 1.2.2.
Changed up the Mac interface somewhat because under OS X the window was too small.

Download Macintosh version
Download PC version
Cross-platform, screenshot, 12k

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