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Set Image Title

Set Image title
For Dreamweaver 3 and above. ExtensionsManager necessary.
Download it first!!

Add a title attribute to a selected image, see the image below, feel free to look in the source as well.

Set image title screenshot

Select an image and choose this command. A dialog will pop up prompting you for it's title attribute. Please note that not all browsers show the contents of the title attribute in the same way: for instance iCab shows it in the status bar, whereas Netscape shows it like a tooltip.
Access from the Commands menu.

New in version 1.1: Dreamweaver MX compatible.
Current version 1.1.1.
Released: 29-07-2003, new in this version: Fixed an annoying error dialog that would sometimes pop up when no image was selected and the Commands menu was opened.

Download Macintosh version
Download PC version
Cross-platform, 4k

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