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Comment Suite

Comment Suite (Dreamweaver MX ready)
For Dreamweaver 3 and above. ExtensionsManager necessary.
Download it first!!

This extension provides three commands:

Comment Selection will place a comment tag around any selection as long as it's not already a comment.
Decomment will strip the comment tags from a selected comment and place the contents back in the document.
Delete Comments will strip all comments from a document.

For more information click the help button in an extension's dialog or select the entry in the Help menu.

Access from the Comment Suite submenu in the Commands menu or the contextual menu entries.

Current version: 1.4.1, 28-06-2002.
New in this version: Dreamweaver MX compatible, no new features.
IMPORTANT NOTICE: if you wish to install this version of CommentSuite in Dreamweaver 4 or MX please remove any earlier version you had previously installed.

Please choose the correct version for your copy of Dreamweaver.
Download Macintosh version for Dreamweaver 3
Download PC version for Dreamweaver 3
Download Macintosh version for Dreamweaver 4 and MX
Download PC version for Dreamweaver 4 and MX
Cross -platform, screenshot, 4k

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