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Abbreviation and Acronym

Abbreviation and Acronym (Dreamweaver MX ready)
For Dreamweaver 3 and above. ExtensionsManager necessary. Download it first!!

This extension provides two objects:

Abbreviation will place an <abbr> tag around any selection, prompting you for the full description.
Acronym will place an <acronym> tag around any selection, prompting you for the full description.
Property Inspector available when the entire tag is selcted. TIP: use the QuickTag selector in the lower lefthand side of the document window.

For more information and examples look at the source of this document.
Please note that not all browsers can display the full description. Tip for Macintosh users: download iCab.

Access from the Goodies palette or the Style submenu in the Text menu.

Current version: 1.1.7, 27-06-2002.
New in this version: Added a language attribute, added some error checking and made the inspector compatible with Dreamweaver MX
The extension now writes the HTML tags and title attribute in lowercase as per W3C recommendation for HTML transition to XML (which is case sensitive).
Fixed an annoying problem where on some systems the space between the just applied tag and the next word disappeared (thanks to Ken Husveg for the fix).
Download Macintosh version for Dreamweaver
Download PC version for Dreamweaver

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